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Covid Precautions at the Christmas Eve Services

Beloved Parishioners and Friends,

The past week has seen an incredible rise in the number of Covid-19 cases and the prevalence of the omicron variant. While data just released this week shows that the omicron variant is ~70% less likely to be severe in vaccinated adults, it appears to be roughly as dangerous as the delta variant in the unvaccinated. As young children are less likely to be vaccinated and those under five years of age cannot be vaccinated, we will be adopting some universal precautions for our 5:00pm Christmas Eve children’s service. We are doing this to keep the children safe and to put the minds of parents at ease. We politely and respectfully require that all people over the age of two wear masks (which will be provided) and keep reasonably socially distant at the 5:00pm service.

There will be no restrictions on the Christmas Eve 7:00pm service. Although masks are still encouraged to stop the spread of this disease and make people feel safe and welcome, the risk to adults likely to be in attendance is low. Thus, we will leave precautions up to individuals.

The Vestry, and over two-dozen active parishioners were involved in making these decisions, and while no decision can make everyone happy, I hope that these precautions respect the rights of individuals, the safety of the vulnerable, and provide a space for everyone to comfortably worship God on this holy day.

Christmas Blessings,

Father Zeke+

  March 2023  
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